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BALI 4.5: Sailing on an Open lliving Space!

The new BALI 4.5 just has been launched by the CATANA Group, a French company which has 30 years experience in catamarans. Using proven design methods and high quality materials, CATANA melds high performance and safety with practicality and convenience in this catamaran.

Many Areas in an Open Space concept!

Bali 4.5

Starting with the forward sundeck, this area has space to seat twelve comfortably with a gigantic

Bali 4.5

Moving backwards, the large covered seating area aft has tables and deck open to the water. Atop the cabin, next to the helm, there is more sun deck area. The helm itself is covered with seating for two.

Three cabins are found below deck, the master to one side and two guest cabins to the other.

Two bathrooms offer a degree of privacy as guests need not infringe on the master suit for use of the facilities.

There are showers in each, further adding convenience. All these spaces are linked by wide steps and easy to grasp hand rails with thoughts to greater mobility and safety. Intelligent storage can be found in high volumes throughout the whole.

The BALI 4.5 offers Modern Conveniences

In the master bathroom, a clothes washer is

Bali 4.5

Safety and ease of handling

The BALI 4.5 is designed for safety and ease of handling. To operate this catamaran, only one helmsman is needed. Electronic winches assist in raising and lowering sail with the system also being a self-tacking Solent, assisting in maneuverability. The sail area to light displacement ratio is the highest in its class, meaning added safety and performance.

Bali 4.5
Bali 4.5

The BALI 4.5 Open Space is an excellent choice for many  vocations.

Whether the intent is fishing, entertaining or simply a safe, easy boat to bring out for the sheer love of sailing, this catamaran is worth a serious consideration. CATANA has a proven history of making safe, elegant boats and the modern features put into this one can only speak to an attention to detail and a knowledge of sailing found in the truly passionate. Old sea salts and younger captains alike can appreciate the elegance and simplicity of this most excellent CATANA catamaran.

Should you be interested in getting more information about the new BALI 4.5 (brochure, sea trial, quote…), please click here or send us an email to

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