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Jeanneau Yachts 60 : "à la carte" sailboat

This sailboat is truly a boat "à la carte," that we can tailor according to your wishes. This is why will describe below two sailboats. These two sailboats have been configured in two diametrically different ways. The first, a streamlined deck plan, very yachty, very Mediterranean. The second is very well equipped.

This Jeanneau Yachts has been designed with an objective based on 2 points. The first: to be able to handle single-handed or short-handed. The second, to integrate walkaround sidedecks. These walkaround sidedecks enable us to have clear visibility forward, whether at port or at sea, perfect for the helmsman. Jeanneau sailboats are seaworthy boats, easy to handle in complete safety. To design the newest of the Jeanneau Yachts, we called upon our renowned naval architect, Philippe Briand, and of course, Andrew Winch, our renowned designer for this line, as well, who is the owner of a Jeanneau Yachts, himself.

From the quay, we can already observe two different deck plans for two distinct uses. The first is a furling mast with a self-tacking jib. We will have here, on the classic Performance mast, with a V boom to accommodate the full batten main, and an overlapping genoa.

Of course, we have a bowsprit on which we can install a code 0 or code 3 for downwind.

Note that on this boat, we have a mainsheet bridle, which enables us to free up the space in the cockpit. Of course, upwind, a mainsheet bridle enables us to keep the boom on the centreline of the boat.

Obviously, we have a different sprayhood for each of these boats. You can note on this boat that we have a mainsheet bridle. Beneath this bridle, we have a sprayhood that can be folded down. It is not connected to an arch, as on the other model. This sprayhood is constructed with Strataglass. This is a material that we can see through and that can be folded down. If we compare this with that of the other model, it is in Lexan, which is perfectly clear and enables you to have a clear view, like glass. For comfort at sea and at port, we offer a hard top. This piece covers the entire cockpit and enables you to be protected, in any season.

This hard top rests on the arche, which provides the support for the mainsheet. This hard top enables us to entirely enclose the cockpit with an aft enclosure in acrylic canvas.

The deck plan features walkaround sidedecks, which enable us to have gentle slopes, without steps, and especially, we have the standing rigging that enables us to have the upper shroud on the exterior and the lower shroud inboard, and this enables us to pass between the two cables, and to be able to walk entirely around the boat without obstacles and without steps. With these walk-around sidedecks and this lower shroud carried on the interior of the roof, this enables us to have an overlapping jib, and additionally, to improve the upwind sailing angle for this foresail for sailing upwind.

On the mast of the Jeanneau Yachts, we have halyard tensioners. This enables you to keep your halyards on the mast, and not encumbering the cockpit while making manoeuvres.

The Jeanneau Yachts is equipped with a bowsprit on the standard version. This bowsprit integrates an anchor. The windlass is capped with a winch drum, enabling easy handling of mooring lines, in the Mediterranean, for example, to raise and tighten the mooring line correctly. Of course, this chain is stored in an anchor locker. This anchor locker is large enough to store fenders.

The skipper cabin offers a private space, and importantly, a separate shower and head compartment. On the foredeck, a sundeck can can be installed for two to three people.

A sunroof can be installed, as well, between the mast and the genoa, to cover this area.

The helm consoles are equipped so that one person can operate the yacht, single-handed, or with a short-handed crew. At hand, you have the engine controls, the thrusters.

In the standard version, the boat is equipped with a tunnel-mounted bowthruster, and is offered with an optional retractable stern thruster, which allows you, for example, when leaving the port, to hold the boat against the dock using the thrusters, to take the time to cast off your dock lines, your spring lines, and to return calmly to the helm. Your boat will still be held against the dock until you deactivate the thrusters, allowing you, for example, to manoeuvre laterally when leaving the harbour.

Once at sea and your sails are set, you have four buttons : one button for each winch, two to port and two to starboard, and with these winches, primary and secondary, you can sheet in and release your sails from the helm station.

This way, the cockpit is completely free of all sail handling manoeuvres, and your guests can enjoy sunbathing and relaxing at sea without sheets and halyards strewn about the cockpit.

On the helm console, you will find the chain counter. This chain counter will enable you to handle anchoring single-handed from the helm. Next, you have the Axiom screen that provides you with, of course, all the GPS functions and information onboard, but we have also added Ship Control. This is an interface that allows you to control all the onboard systems, lighting, air conditioning, to check battery levels, as well as all the tanks on board.

From your tablet or smartphone, from wherever you are on board, you can control all systems on board. Aft of the cockpit, this large galley includes an electric plancha, a sink, and also a fridge. This large galley allows you to have helm seats that can be converted into a sun lounge at the back of the boat. Additionally, with this galley, this part can raise up to access the first steps that are hidden, as well as the hydraulic gangway.

The Jeanneau Yachts is equipped with a longitudinal tender garage. This garage can handle a tender of up to 2.90 m with a 15 hp engine. The Easy Tender pack allows to stow and launch your tender easily and without hassle.

In this part of the cockpit, we have two tables, one fixed and the other electric, here, it can convert the table into a sun lounging area. We have also improved this area of the cockpit with a new, forward-facing seat.

It is an ideal spot for keeping watch. It is very comfortable. We are just next to the helm consoles. We have, as we are on a Jeanneau Yachts, kept this watchkeeping seat, and whether you are heeled to port or to starboard, you are always well braced With a cup holder close by. With this large opening, which remains in place once opened, we can easily increase airflow throughout the cockpit. In the standard version, the Jeanneau Yachts is equipped with a manual 70 size winch, electric Rewind winches, which release and can also trim. There are buttons that control these winches, but here again, at each helm station, whether that be the upper or lower helm.

Foresails, whether a jib or a genoa, a tunnel-mounted bowthruster, standard as well, a bank of over 500 A/h with a charger fuel, and we can choose to add a water tank of 380 litres or a fuel tank, along with an optional 318 litres tank, are ideally situated at the centre of the ship, both longitudinally and transversally.

So, for the centre of gravity, it's perfect. It is as low as possible at the bottom of the hull.

As an option, on the Jeanneau Yachts 60, you will have the possibility of having a watermaker, a heater, and reversible air conditioning. You will also have the possibility of having a lithium battery bank. And finally, the standard keel has a 2.55 m draught.

For this new Jeanneau Yachts model, we have once again entrusted the interior design to the team of Andrew Winch. His expertise lies in the mastery of space and in meticulous attention to quality and to detail.

From the moment you step aboard the boat, you are struck by a sensation of volume. Surfaces are perfectly sculpted and bathed in light. The Jeanneau Yachts is a cruising boat oriented toward an owner whose demands and desires are more and more numerous.

Truly a boat "à la carte," offering a large number of possibilities to you in terms of layouts, finishes, and personalisation.

In order to present the versatility of this large model to you, we will break our tour into three parts: the centre of the cockpit, the aft section of the boat, and then the forward section.

Access to the cockpit is via a companionway with a gentle, 50 º angle and equipped with handrails for safety. Two harmonies of woodwork are available: Teak with an Aleve Oak floorboard and White Oak with a floorboard in Dark Oak. Particular attention has been paid to the aesthetics of the woodwork. The integration of solid panels and the continuity of the wood grain, as formed in solid wood, lend fluidity to the lines and an undeniably pleasing feel, due to the "open pore" finish. The upholstery selection is comprised of five fabrics, five full-grain leathers, and nubuck from the renowned Italian brand, Foglizzo.

One of the attractions of this voluminous living space is the bright natural lighting, streaming through numerous fixed windows in the hull, with commanding views of the sea, and through the multiple opening deck hatches.

The work conducted by Andrew Winch's team on indirect lighting lends this interior a very warm, cocooning atmosphere. The harmony of elements magnifies this generous, modular interior.

The large U-shaped saloon on the port side is truly a welcoming space able to accommodate up to people. It offers two choices of cockpit tables. You have, here, the optional large, luxurious pivoting table with two levels, high and low tables, and with an electric table leg. All the electric and electronic equipment on the boat are hidden in this ingeniously designed piece of furniture.

There, you will find the touch control panel for: the lighting, bilge pump, water pump, cooling, electronics, the Navicolor control panel, which will show your consumption in real time and details on your battery charge, fuel and water levels, lighting, the audio system, battery switches, USB port and jack, air conditioning system, Smart Control for the autopilot, as well as your VHF.

To reassure cruisers who wish to have access to all their electrical systems without electronics, this is accessible through this little door, enabling them to rely on a more traditional use. The saloon features multiple storage areas, notably under the bench seating, but also, this dedicated furniture can can accommodate an optional washing machine.

Access to the engine compartment is through this well-insulated panel.

This version is equipped with the sofa and chart table option. The extremely comfortable sofa is perfect for relaxing with family and friends. Facing the saloon, an optional retractable television is hidden in this furniture along the side of the hull. We also offer a real chart table ideally located at the foot of the companionway and facing forward. Turned toward the saloon, it enables you to plan your trip while conversing with your guests.

With a very sophisticated, clean design, the chart table in the Jeanneau Yachts opens to reveal a large storage space for storing your charts and equipment. The ergonomic seating is very comfortable, notably, while under way. Copious storage space for all your equipment, books, gadgets... in this deep side cabinet. A dual colour reading light for night cruising enables you to work in the evening. And underneath the chart table, you will also have access to an electrical outlet and a USB port for recharging your devices.

To starboard, in the standard version, you will also be able to personalise this space according to your wishes. You can, for example, place two armchairs there, to create a welcoming space. This space, on the starboard side and in the standard version, can accommodate the sofa and chart table, the lateral cabin, or lastly, the optional larger sofa and head compartment.

We will continue our tour with the two possible layouts to the aft of the boat. One of the specificities of this new Jeanneau Yachts 60 is its spacious and unique owner's cabin aft. This large cabin features an adjoining head and shower compartment and a sofa, an ideal cosy spot for reading, for example.

The design combines timeless style and elegance. It is particularly luxurious and generous in interior volume. It is comfortably equipped with a 2m long double bed, as well as a side table with two deep drawers. It is also equipped with many wide and deep storage compartments. Multiple options are also available, like the box spring mattress, the safe, the television, and the carpet.

Naturel lighting through the four opening panels and hull ports, as well as indirect lighting, enhance the feeling of well-being. Andrew Winch offers you the possibility to personalise your master cabin with three different atmospheres: Sand, Macchiato and Royal Blue. They enable you to customise the bed frames and headboards to create a unique atmosphere, in continuity with the Jeanneau Yachts line. The cabin features private access to the shower and head compartment, creating a true owner's suite. This flush shower and head compartment are in the same materials, creating a real continuity between living spaces. The accessorised, dedicated head and shower compartment offers all the desired comforts, with a large shower separated by a plexiglass door, an electric head, multiple storage

compartments for your long crossings, and a high-design sink basin and faucet in the Jeanneau Yachts style.

Aft, you also have the version with two cabins. To starboard, here you are, with a beautiful and spacious VIP cabin for your important guests. This warm and elegantly accessorised cabin includes multiple storage compartments and easy access to the bed.

On the port side, the cabin is equipped with two single bunks of 2m in length. The lower bunk converts into a large double berth. This cabin would be ideal for welcoming three children or a couple of friends with a child.

The cabin also includes numerous storage lockers, all the modern conveniences desired, and a dedicated head and shower compartment equipped with an electric head and shower.

With this version featuring two aft cabins, the portside head compartment at the foot of the

companionway offers your guests quick access from the cockpit to wash their hands, for example.

Work by the team of Andrew Winch on the flow of movement on board enables easy access from the cockpit to the galley, notably, with handrails.

For the first time in the Jeanneau Yachts 60 line, we offer an open forward galley, just aft of the mast bulkhead, affording the full width of the interior to the saloon.

It features the particular advantage of being very easy to use while the boat is healing, for cooking while staying close to guests for conversing. It was designed to accommodate appliances that you would find at home.

In order to respond to the needs of customers wishing to escape for a cruise of several months at sea, particular attention was given to ergonomics, to practicality, to storage compartments and capacity.

So, you have a large countertop in Corian, a very resistant material, close to the faucet on the starboard, to prepare your meals. We also have all the equipment for cooking. This stovetop

is also available in an electric version, with a large removeable panel, which can serve as additional counter space.

You will also find all the equipment for washing your dishes, and notably, the optional seawater or freshwater foot pump.

This Jeanneau Yachts 60 features immense and multiple storage spaces for stocking your provisions during long cruises.

Everything has been optimised to gain storage capacity in different volumes.

This new unit has all the useful marine equipment from 219 to 375 liters. You will have the choice between refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, notably in drawers, always practical while cruising.

Finally, for the storage of your drinks, you will have the choice between the storage for 16 bottles on the floorboard, but also the optional wine cellar, close to the saloon and the sofa.

With this new forward galley, everything has been considered to live comfortably without any problem. Forward, we offer the choice between two layouts: one version with one cabin, or a second version with two cabins.

The forward owner's cabin is spacious and bright with optimal comfort. It is equipped with a multitude of storage space in the hanging locker, as well as under the sofa. The design combines lasting elegance and timeless style, notably in the various accessories and finishes.

Indirect lighting through the four deck hatches and windows in the hull create an extremely warm and inviting atmosphere. The bed has all the comfort of your bed at home. You can also equip it with a box spring mattress. You will find all the details in the finish packs for the Master Suite, enabling you to personalise the bed frame and headboard.

You have a comfortable sofa on the starboard side for relaxing, as well. Lastly, you can choose to equip your cabin with a television or a safe. The cabin features a vast adjoining forward head and shower compartment, without steps. It is equipped with a large shower, including a seat, and enclosed by a Plexiglas door. This generous space is equipped with an electric head, as well as numerous storage compartments necessary for longer cruises.

In the two-forward-cabin version, the countertop to the port side leaves space for the access to the forward portside cabin. These two symmetrical cabins are perfectly identical. They are equipped with a hanging locker with a drawer for storage, deep storage lockers and a 2 m long bed, each with a private head and shower compartment with an electric toilet. Bright lighting and sea views remain strong points of the Jeanneau Yachts line.

This two-cabin version is rather clever and unique. In less than five minutes, you can transform these two double cabins into one true owner's cabin. The central sliding partition can be hidden away in a dedicated storage space, without needing any tools. You can then enlarge the berths or convert them for example, a couple of friends with a child, very comfortably.

To conclude this tour of the interior, I will show you the cabin in the bow, which serves as a crew cabin or as a real sixth cabin. It would be ideal for guests or children, for example. This cabin features a berth of 2m long and folds back, allowing you to access storage space more easily when the door is closed. This bow cabin is accessible via the forward portside cabin, so uniquely available in the two-forward-cabins version. Two other possibilities are also offered: a sail locker as a standard feature, or a skipper cabin accessible from the deck, as presented earlier by François-Xavier. With the conclusion of our tour of this new model in the Jeanneau Yachts line, you have been able to discover two boats that are very complementary in their approach on the interior, each capable of meeting the needs of all varieties of cruising with different, but harmonious styles. The wide selection of versions, equipment, and opportunities for personalisation enables you to best meet all your needs and desires.

With pure, refined lines and a sophisticated aesthetic with beautiful, sculpted surfaces, the new Jeanneau Yachts 60 opens up a new era in design. She offers spacious, bright interior living spaces with all of the materials and finishes worthy of the Jeanneau Yachts line.

It has been our great pleasure to introduce you to the latest addition to the Jeanneau

Yachts line, the Jeanneau Yachts 60. This is a unique sailboat with walkaround sidedecks, a longitudinal garage, a forward galley, a multitude of versions offering various layouts, and of course, two owner's cabins forward or aft.

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