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PRESTIGE 750, a Perfect Modern Yacht for You and Your Guests!

The PRESTIGE 750 is the flagship boat of the PRESTIGE YACHTS brand. Despite her scale, she retains an impressive array of family-friendly features. With a top speed of 28.5 knots and an extensive selection of beautiful accessories, she provides the perfect setting for spending time with family and friends. Below is a detailed tour made just for you by Choose Your Boat!


Every aspect of the interior of the yacht has been designed and built to the very highest standards. The galley has been intelligently positioned towards the back of the boat, ensuring that it offers easy access to all of her internal and external features. A dining area, on the starboard side, boasts a beautifully created glass table.

The interior makes use of quality oak designs throughout and clients are able to choose between 3 different types of interior decor. A lounge area is designed to be cosy and perfect for those who are wishing to be sociable, while including an integral television set.

The master cabin is particularly impressive and comparable to the cabins found on much larger yachts. This cabin offers privacy and separation from other guests, while there is also an abundance of natural light. There are 3 hatches within the roof space and two of these can be opened, ensuring that there is a cooling supply of fresh air available. The higher level of the cabin means that natural light and ventilation are available, even when in port.

The suite bathroom is fully equipped and includes a power shower. There is also a walk-in wardrobe available, as is the case with other boats in the PRESTIGE range.

There is a generous amount of guest accommodation, including a VIP cabin, which is located on the lower deck. The PRESTIGE 750 VIP cabin is of a similar size to the master cabin and also includes a suite bathroom.

Rich materials and contemporary designs are used throughout the interior of the PRESTIGE 750, including within the two twin guest cabins. She is also equipped with air conditioning, although the compressors have been located in the engine room, reducing noise levels and the inconvenience that might otherwise be caused.

A high performance yacht

As would be expected, the pilot house is located at the front of the PRESTIGE 750. It is on a raised level, providing excellent visibility for her captain. As

The stabilisation system, manufactured by US specialists Seakeeper, offers extra stability when the boat is at anchor and is effective for protecting against the impact of sea-sickness.

The laminates used on the exterior surfaces ensure the best compromise between weight and resistance, representing the most high technology approach available within the yacht construction industry.

Prestige 750: Built for fun


The modern half top makes uses of an electric system to allow for automatic opening and closing. It’s also possible to opt for more traditional fly bridge beaming.

An integral crane allows for the launch of a Jet Ski or dinghy, weighing no more than 500 kilograms.

There is a spacious side deck, which includes access for the skipper. This area of the boat includes a sunbathing area, together with additional seating.

A compact engine room

The engine room can be accessed using one of two available hatches. One of which is located within the crew quarters, close to the rear platform. The platform itself provides added flexibility, allowing you and your family to swim from this part of the PRESTIGE 750.


The crew quarters include a single cabin, with twin beds. There is also a shower room and toilet. The crew area has been built with the same high specification materials that have been used elsewhere.

Although able to reach top speeds of around 28.5 knots, she is optimised for a cruising speed of around 20-22 knots, which suits the needs of most clients. At 20 knots, she has a fuel consumption of 250 litres per hour. There is a maximum capacity of 4,400 litres of fuel, which can be stored within the two on-board fuel tanks.

The PRESTIGE 750 is fitted with a single generator as standard, although it’s possible to opt for a second generator.

Prestige 750

If you wish more information about the new PRESTIGE 750 (brochure, quote, sea trial, meeting, rental), please click here or contact us to

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