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Quicksilver Activ 805 Sundeck: You asked, We deliver!

Quicksilver asked you the questions and then listened carefully to your answers. Now, the dedicated design team at Quicksilver are excited to announce the all new ACTIV 805 Sundeck – the versatile affordable fun boat that you asked for and we delivered!

 activ 805

This brand new model in the 7-8 meter category not only meets but exceeds the wish list you gave us – and then some!

Quicksilver have already earned recognition as a gold standard industry leader, and the ACTIV 805 Sundeck is all set to reinforce that enviable reputation for reliability, practicality, performance and safety.

Topping your wish-list were:

  1. space to soak up the sun and easy access

  2. comfortable seating for friends and family

  3. high performance spec

  4. safe and easy to use navigation tools

  5. good looks and quality finishes

  6. versatility

  7. all the fiddly extras

Space to soak up the sun and easy access

 activ 805

The ACTIV 805 Sundeck boasts one of the largest sundecks in this class. In addition to the forward sundeck area, the cockpit area is also fully transformable and can quickly and easily provide a relaxed and spacious sun-bathing area.

The double swimming platforms and sturdy folding ladder ensure easy access both when boarding from the quay, and when returning from a swim.

Comfortable seating for friends and family

With an ergonomically designed pilot post and comfortable passenger seating with cockpit cushions for added comfort, the ACTIV 805 can accommodate up to nine people in comfort.

High performance spec

With a choice of powerful Mercury Verado single engine, or twin engines with up to 400hp, this boat offers outstanding performance and reliability with safe and precise handling capabilities.

Safe and easy to use navigation tools

A speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge and trim gauge are fitted as standard, while the electronic pack includes a great easy to use 9″ chart plotter

Good looks and quality finishes

 activ 805


 activ 805

Versatility should be the ACTIV 805 Sundeck’s middle name! Whether you want to sunbathe, swim, waterski or cruise, the fully transformable stern cockpit and bow sundeck offer different configurations to suit your needs. The cockpit can quickly transform from comfortable cockpit seating, to dining area, to relaxed and spacious lounge to fully extended flat sunbathing area.

All the fiddly extras

 activ 805

Should you know more about the Activ 805 Sundeck by Quicksilver (brochure, sea trial, quotation…) click here or send an email to: 

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